Activating Consciousness

Discover to the Enchanted Mountain Kingdom of Nepal
and the Magic & Mystery of Tibetan Buddhism

A Search for Enlightenment
By: Anderson Andrews
It was the best of times ... and the worst of times ... trekking through the Himalayan mountains, often wearing nothing but shorts, an old t-shirt, leather sandals, with no backpack, and only a small shoulder bag for food.

Discover what it was like to be one of the early volunteers in the United States Peace Corps, from 1971 to 1973 ... when a young man right out of college goes to the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal to teach agriculture to local villagers. He thought he was there to save the world but soon finds out that he must first find a way to save himself. He becomes interested in Buddhism and begins to study the sacred teachings. He travels to India with friends, treks into the mountains, and experiences one adventure after another in this epic novel you will never forget. You'll learn about this wondrous part of the world ... as you also discover the magic and mystery of Tibetan Buddhism that few have ever come to understand

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New 2019 1st Edition ... 660  Pages ... 6 x 9 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-944788-48-3  ... contains many photographs
Tags: Adventure   Buddism Nepal

This novel is based on factual events and real people. 

Many people say ... “I once thought about joining the Peace Corps,” or they’ll ask, “What was it like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer back in the early years?" Most people will also admit ... they know very little about the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, or about Enlightenment ... and would like to know more. 

The Peace Corps wasn't really about saving the world, as so many think ... and Buddhism is so much more than just another religion. In this story, a young man joins the Peace Corps and goes to Nepal in 1971, rather than face the possibility of being drafted to fight in the unjust war taking place in Vietnam. Little did he know ... he’d find a different kind of war once he got there. In his quest to find his own inner peace ... and discover the true meaning of freedom, he experiences the secrets, the mystery, and the magic of Tibetan Buddhism from an old Lama who lives high in the mountains. He’s come to live the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal for three reasons ... to complete his two-year assignment as an agricultural advisor to the farmers in his villages, to learn all he can about the Buddhist teachings ... and to attain his own personal experience of enlightenment. 

You won't find another book so full of adventure and informative as  'Peace Corps Nepal,' as you experience a part of the world that will never be the same again. Many former Peace Corps volunteers have read this book and give it five stars, two thumbs up, a dozen donuts, and 100% rotten tomatoes. In other words, you'll love it.

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